A medical device made to brush teeth
in 10 seconds intended for care facilities and retirement homes.


Our Mission ?

Make this daily task child's play, especially for people in dependent situations.

There is a real medical issue: poor oral hygiene leads to cavities and periodontitis. It also has serious repercussions on overall health, particularly in relation to the cardiorespiratory system, nutrition and quality of life in general.

To do this, we rely on a new patented technical process that we have developed and verified, responding to an extremely demanding and secure testing process.

Hesy device

FasTeesH is a medical device, specially designed for care and accommodation establishments caring for people in a situation of dependency.

This device made in France is made up of:

• an electric handle that can be shared and waterproof (IPX7), offering 3 sonic vibration frequencies of 30, 70 and 130 Hz

• a soft gutter inside which rounded soft nylon bristles have been incorporated to protect the gums and enamel of your patients' teeth

• a splash-proof induction charging cradle

The battery of an electric handle allows more than 100 brushes to be carried out at maximum power, i.e. the dental brushes of 10 residents for one week at a rate of twice a day.

Co-developed with more than 150 caregivers for 3 years, FasTeesH has filed 3 patents for this product.

With FasTeesH, effective tooth brushing in 10 seconds is now within reach of your least dependent caregivers and residents.

+50 establishments use Hesy

Up to 3 times more effective than conventional cleaning

Recommended by dentists


Our mouth is composed of 32 teeth, or 96 veneers to be cleaned during 2 minutes, or 1.25 seconds of brushing per veneer. With Hesy, each of your teeth are brushed for 5 seconds since the device brushes all your teeth at the same time, which is 4 times more than with a traditional manual or electric toothbrush during a 2 minute brushing.

The Bass method involves tilting the brush head at a 45° angle while using rolling motions to best remove plaque and bacteria from the gumline. On Hesy, the filaments are already tilted at a 45° angle, just "chew" the brush very gently to reproduce this method.


Hesy Demonstration

It is thanks to them that taking care of your patients becomes so simple

Benjamin COHEN

CEO, Co-Founder


CTO, Co-Founder

Ghislain Behuret

Directeur des ventes