The health benefits of tooth brushing

Les bénéfices du brossage de dents sur la santé

Cavities, abscesses, gum problems... Pathologies that say a lot about your state of health. Often neglected, dental health plays a major role in the health of the body.

Teeth are therefore very often a harbinger or indicator of other pathologies, often more serious, such as certain infections and other fatal conditions. But how is this possible?

The role of warning signals

The mouth is the gateway for all kinds of bacteria that can then migrate freely through the body. The role of the teeth is no longer just a chewing tool, but rather a warning signal. In fact, each tooth is connected by microveins, which are themselves connected to the general blood circulation. As a result, teeth that have been left untreated for too long are a niche for bacteria that can damage the tooth and sometimes even reach the bloodstream. The result? According to health professionals, many dental pathologies are indicative or precursors of other diseases in the body such as cancer, AIDS...

Brushing as prevention

If we can't stop the bacteria in our bodies, then we have to stop them at the entrance. Tooth brushing is therefore one of the first bulwarks to the health of the teeth and the health of the whole body. When done effectively, it can get rid of 90% of bacteria. But beware, oral hygiene is not just about brushing. It is also necessary to avoid damaging the enamel of the teeth by the consumption of sugar, alcohol, tobacco, caffeine, lemon...

So keeping beautiful teeth is not only good for your appearance, it's also good for the overall health of your body. Take care of your teeth, they will give you back!